If you’re dating someone or in a relationship, try and find out how that person was raised.

 A lot people weren’t raised on love, they were raised on survival.

 That’s why you see so many men/women not being able to love you properly.

 You’ll find a lot of good looking people damaged on the inside because of their past, and you won’t realize how damaged they are until you try and love them.

 If you think a person’s past doesn’t affect how they see life, you’re sadly mistaken. Ladies and Gentlemen, if you keep saying there no “good men or women” left out in this world just because of one or two exes that hurt you so much in your past relationships, then that is the reality you’ll face and you’ll end up being single for life.

 Change your perception, and you’ll start seeing better results.

 It’s even very difficult to stop and think for a while.

 Nothing is wait for nobody and relationships are not left out.

 Look around, everyone is either looking for Love, entering a relationship or breaking one.

 Nobody wants to be alone.

 people are so desperate for love.

 Everyone is looking for emotional security.

 Yes, the cycle is going nonstop Find, make, break.

 The result is Plenty of heart broken people out here.

 Lots and lots of emotional baggage.

 The truth is that many people looking for relationships and love are not ready for one.

 Don’t feel stupid for missing them, even if they treated you like shit.

 You still had happy memories, and you’re always going to miss them.

 Don’t try To replace them because you won’t.

 Just get through each day, and eventually it will get better.

 I promise you, eventually someone will come into your life, and they are going to be special to you.

 They’ll love You the way you are, care about you and appreciate All your effort. So for now, don’t throw yourself at every person you see because you want to replace them or at least dull the memories.

 Take your time to heal.

 Pray to God and He’ll send you someone better that you deserve.

Love is a beautiful thing, Marry your friend,a friend in the sense that there would be fight,trials and misunderstanding but at the end you guys are still inseparable and still together.

Marry someone that will not only love you but will accept you with your weakness and will be ready to travel this journey of life with you.

 Marry a teammate that will champion your purpose on earth.

 Until you discover what you want,you can’t make any right decision in locating your life partner.

 Don’t allow materialism to lead you to the wrong person, poverty is never a good thing but at least don’t marry wealth instead of happiness.

 Marry the one that understand your vision in life, if you marry the wrong person you will daily experience bitterness.

 Don’t marry out of pity.

 You attract your kind, if you don’t have standard, you will always attract your type.

 Marriage is not a day adventure but a lifetime commitment