Love is real, Love is understanding, Love make sense when everything is beautiful, don’t fall in love with someone who hasn’t fallen in love with you at all.

One big mistake of relationship many people make is having an assumption that someone loves them or that they are already in a serious love relationship.

 I have heard and read the stories of some persons who thought they were in love with someone but later found out that nothing serious was in place.

 Dear friends, never consider yourself in a love relationship yet until it’s clearly defined to you.

 Never call someone your fiancé / fiancée until there is been a proposal and consent.

These days there are too many casual relationships mistaken for serious or intimate relationships.

Please don’t make that mistake.

 Years back as a bachelor, a lady was very close to me.

 She was a great friend to me and she confided in me a lot.

As far as I was concerned I was just a good friend to her as well, nothing more.

 But after some time, she started having feelings for me.

 I meant more to her; I was her fiancé.

But she was wrong because throughout our friendship I never for once told her that I loved her or wanted her out.

She mistook my friendship and kindness to her to a love relationship.

 Honestly, I acted fast and informed her that I was involved already with someone and she was heartbroken and stayed away from me till date.

 My fiancée was in the picture of the whole thing and knew her personally but I never revealed to her the identity of my woman until my wedding.

  Like that my friend, many singles are making same mistakes everyday, especially the single ladies.

Please don’t fall in love with someone who hasn’t fallen in love with you yet or at all.

 No right thinking person builds a love relationship on assumptions.

 As a man, the fact that she is close to you, she is helpful to you, she assists you, she encourages you, or she even calls you on the phone from time to time should mean nothing serious to you until she voices out her feelings to you.

 As a lady, the fact that he chats with you often, shares his life dreams with you, or even assists you financially shouldn’t mean anything to you yet until he voices out his feelings to you and asks you out. Please no body language should be taken seriously until that person has communicated their feelings to you verbally.

 Beware because like in my experience with that my female friend those days, many guys are nice like me; no strings attached.

 Fine, I am also aware that in this part of the world many men are not bold enough to walk up to ladies to tell them that they love them.

 I know also that some men ask their friends (male or female) to help them talk to that person they love.

 However, just be sure of what you’re into, no assumptions because there could give you a heart break at the end of the day.

Please let your love relationship be well defined. Honestly, 3 years together should be enough to know where a relationship is headed.

 Friends, if your goal is marriage, please don’t stay a day more in a relationship that is three years or more old and is still undefined to you.

 If they are not talking about marriage and working towards achieving marriage at the end of the day, pull out because you’re in a wrong relationship.

 Please note that some lovers know and define their love relationship from the outset.

 I defined my relationship with my woman from the outset even though I had to wait for her consent for three years.

 Therefore my charge to all the bachelors and spinsters in the house is: no more assumptions with your love relationships.

 Please know exactly what you’re getting into and you will be glad you did.

  Please don’t fall in love with someone who hasn’t fallen in love with you yet or at all.