Relationship come with surprises, Sometimes everything in your relationship life can turn out good and beautiful, why many times everything can turn into what you never ever expecting.

When you loving someone deeply have to understand there’s big chance you gonna get hurt, sometimes not truly you will get hurt but over expectations not being fulfilled can frustrate your life.

You can be dating someone who lies about everything and you expecting true love, a liar who doesn’t want to stop lying can use you and dump you, when someone is not honest and truthful will be hard for the person to keep one relationship and be faithful to their lover.

 He doesn’t show any sincere interest in your life, let alone care about or have any obvious concern, concerning your thoughts, feelings, ideas, goals, desires or problems.

 He doesn’t even appear to be that interested in how your day has been.

 So many things about him showing you he’s a player, you have try to overlook the signs but things keep repeating myself, don’t overlook it, something may be wrong about the relationship, seek deep about him before loving him fully to avoid being used and dumped.

 He’s not texting, chatting with you on Whatsapp and Facebook, he’s not emailing you or calling you.

There’s not ever any real communication between you and the only time he ever makes time for you out of his busy schedule is to have $e x ( Baby come over to my house let’s see ) You’re really starting to get the impression that he’s only contacting you to have $e x.

Don’t overlook it, he’s a player, be careful to avoid being used and dumped remember your heart don’t have duplicate.

  One biggest sign of knowing who going to use you and dump you is that they don’t like commitment, they hate anything that will make them attach strongly with you, when someone doesn’t want something serious with you, don’t waste your time with them, forget about the person to avoid heart broken.

 There are things you shouldn’t just overlooked, You can’t remember the last time that he told you that he loved you, called you a pet name or anything similar.

 This is a sign that the love has gone.

 You have look deep into your relationship and figure what’s going on.

 What’s the goal of the relationship, is he keeping the goal of the relationship? Back when you first started, he’d talk about serious relationship and marriage.

 Now, he’s backing away from those plans, he’s acting like unserious person and all talk about the future has ground to a halt.

 The reason he stopped talking about plans with you is because he doesn’t see a future with you.

 Let’s face the reality, you have to be careful when a man start acting funny towards you.

 Relationship goals and keeping the goals is beautiful, when each other making sure the relationship end up in marriage what matter sense, loving someone and that particular person loving you back always gonna be beautiful.

Non matter how you truly love someone doesn’t be a fool, make sure who you loving is loving you back, don’t believe you need to someone even if the person did not love you back, to me what matters is loving someone who loves you the same ways.