How to give your Man peace of mind and he’ll love you more.

 One thing men want in a relationship especially marriage totally peace of mind, many girls are full of troubles and frustration, sometimes getting to know some girls will get thinking what really wrong with her, very annoying and full of sturboness.

 A man want peace, and he can do anything to have peace.

 Men don’t joke with peace.

 It’s the reason so many men keep late at nights or running away from their marriages.

Some close early at work but would spend extra hours at bar, club, hotel wherever than go home.

Why? She is choking him! She make marriage unbearable for him.

She overloads his mind and he needs some space!

He wants to exhale! Take a break! Anywhere, wherever, just breathe.

 If you don’t know how to give a man peace, you will choke him without knowing and send him out of your life.

 Stop overreacting to everything in life, sometimes close your mouth and control yourself.

Nobody is perfect, stop messing things up and expecting peace in the family.

 Stop being annoying and control yourself non matter what happening around you, that moment you’ll use arguing and fighting use to create beautiful moment between you and your lover.

 No Man want nagging woman who can’t controls their month and emotion, learn to overlook things in your relationship, not everything you need start reacting and feeling bad.

 Start doing right things at right moments, don’t hold back in doing right things at right moments, true love comes with surprises, you have to be understanding and learn to appreciate whatever your partner offers you whether big or small.

Sacrifice anything necessary that will make your relationship to work out.

 If you truly love your man, smile more, forgive your partner, remember nobody is perfect, we all makes mistakes in life, in a relationship if apologizing will get your relationship working again, cut your pride and apologized.

 Try contribute in making your relationship work and last forever, giving your partner peace of mind and loving your partner will create room for true friendship and love.