There are things you need to know about Love, dating and marriage relationship.

 Falling in love with someone not what really matters but someone loving you truly and making your life sweet and special.

 Having a partner that love us the same way we do is what everybody dream to have.

 Lies and cheating is what kill relationship or marriage silently.

 One of the reasons why love don’t work out this days falling in love because of something, if he / she stop doing it the love will die off.

 To avoid heart break, take your time study the person before falling in love, some are after money, material things and other things you know what talking about, don’t deny it, some people are after it not your love.

The irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired, You never lose by loving.

 You always lose by holding back.

 Love is not just looking at each other, it’s looking in the same direction.

 If you stop doing the right things and another person do it better than you, You will immediately lose your lover because you stop doing something important in love.

 Don’t hold back.

 Many people also want your partner if you don’t know.

 Don’t give them the chance to destroy your relationship.

Feelings makes love to be strong.

 Sometimes feels always make us to cry because it develop badly.

Somebody may have feels for you but it will be a bad one – Feeling of that thing.

Just to sleep with you.

 Feels what make us to continue dying in thinking when somebody even making us to cry, feels what always make us to say i can’t do without him / her.

 Well – good feeling gives true feelings, true love, true care, true respect, true honest, trust and it will make somebody to treat you well.

You need to know what your partner feels for you before falling in love totally with all your heart.

Get ready for something before going into it.

 Marriage is all about expect unexpected, if you know that anything can happen, you can endure it when those hard time comes up, sometime people we love so much always automatically start hurting us, i want you to know that patient is important and you can do it, life can’t give you happiness all time But you can work for happiness to come by enduring it, Expect unexpected in relationship or marriage if you don’t want to feel disappointed and mistreated because it must surely happen, get ready for everything before it happen.

 People are not prefect, sometimes they’ll mess up, big time mess up.

 Don’t flirt with a girl when you don’t really mean anything you say.

 Don’t text a girl all day long when you’re actually texting more than one girl telling them the same things.

Don’t tell a girl you love her and want to work things out if you don’t mean it.

 Don’t go out on a date with a girl when you’re taking another girl out the next day.

 Don’t tell her you’re thinking about her when she isn’t the only girl on your mind.

 Don’t tell her you miss her when you wouldn’t care if you had never seen her again.

Don’t tell her you love her when you would just love to get in her that thing.

 Don’t make her feel like she’s special when there’s other girls who are getting the same treatment from you.

 Don’t make her promises that you know you aren’t able to keep.

Don’t make her believe you care about her when she’s just another girl to you.

 By doing these things, you get a girl’s hopes up and you give her expectations and because when that happens the disappointment hits her so hard and now she’s emotionally damaged.

 If someone break your heart, if someone dump you, if you want to move on with your life, if you want to forget about who’s hurting you, you need to read this article, I want you to understand something, he /she is happy with somebody, you don’t need to continue dying in thinking, Even now maybe somebody is sleeping with your ex now, you have to forget about the person, If you die – he /she is gone.

 If you go mad – he / she is gone.

Whatever that happen to you, he / she is gone, so move on, Face the reality, If anything happen to you, She will not be there for you, He will not be there for you.

 Mingle with another person, Everything always happen for a reason.

 When one door close good one will opened.

 Think about this, he / she is not the best, so don’t die because of somebody who don’t even care about you again.

 Remember in a relationship, caring and feeling better very important, appreciating little things your lover doing for you very important, being yourself very important, respecting your man very important, knowing that cheating totally bad in a relationship that you need to be faithful and loyal to your partner is very important, remember not about loving someone but about the person you loving totally loving you back.

 Don’t cheat, don’t take your partner love for granted, don’t take advantage of their kindness and generosity, love your partner because love is a beautiful thing.