My name is Cinderella Okoye.

 I was so happy when Emma approach me, I have been crushing on him since was growing up, Emma is a good nice young man, everyone always say good things about him.

I know was being crazy about him and such has make me lose control and discipline.

 Emma is 27 years and am just 18 years going to 19 years, I have dated two guys and ended the relationship because they’re demanding $ e x from me, seriously am not ready for $ e x.

 I really love Ade Solomon just a good gentleman but Ade Solomon addicted to $ e x, if visit him – he will not allow me to rest, I nearly lose my v i. r g i. n i t y to him but stand up and walk away so that will remain a virgin to my wedding night.

 Emma hated me but I was dying for him, I don’t know why Emma hate me so much when haven’t done anything wrong to him, sometimes he abuse me, I will end up crying because am in love with him.

 I have been crushing and seriously in love with Emma without him knowing about it, I think everything start when was 14 years when he was kissing one girl close our street, I love the ways he was kissing her.

 As a teenager overlooked it but few days later started thinking about it, when watching TV and saw people kissing or romancing, all think of is Emma, I love him not lust, yes I know everything started with lust but deep down I love him. Emma only offer me pains and heart broken, why …

 I did not offend him, i only love him, I always dream of getting married to him but I don’t understand him again after taking my pride within 3 days of dating.

 Few months ago I noticed Emma has started looking at me differently, I was so happy because he always treat me like enemy, last month Emma officially ask me out, that was surprised – hey am I dreaming?

 I accepted him on 15th of August, Emma asked me to visit him that day, we live 5 street to their street not that far, seriously went to see my crush, my love and dream man.

 He treated me like a queen and everything looks beautiful.

You know I love him already right?

We kiss and romance each other ( Oh my God everything was beautiful and like them but I don’t want to lose my v i. r g i. n i t y )

 On 3rd day went there, can you imagine, a man have so much respect for, a man of my dream, my husband, my heart, my soul mate and someone has been crushing on since was 14 years force himself on me, Emma rape me, He’s a beast – he doesn’t know how much I love him, how much care for him, i know he doesn’t know am deeply in love with him.

That bas;tard rape me and broke my heart.

 God will punish him for doing this to me, I never had bad intentions towards him, all I want is love, am just a young girl wishing for love like what am watching on TV shows, I don’t know what to do, Emma is not talking to me since that day.

I don’t know what to do now, my heart broken.

 My crush and lover rape me within 3 days relationship and abandoned me.