There are still many Nigerians who are kind-hearted and every day, we hear their stories, either from their mouths or from someone close to them.

 Recently, a man identified as Kimberly Ezeike shared a personal story of how he helped a woman recover her money from where she lost it.

 Lamenting on how careless some people can be especially at this time of hunger and poverty caused by the lockdown in the country, Ezeike said that he was driving home when a bike man passed him.

According to him, he later saw a nylon bag with a small opening fall from the bike.

The kind-hearted man stated that when he stopped to check the content of the bag, he saw some money and it was to the tune of N100k. Tears, confusion as several naira notes get burnt with house that goes up in flames, man cries out to share his predicament, Ezeike said that he started trying to look for the bike man and he got his number from people who knew him.

When he called and asked him questions about the woman he was carrying at the time the money got lost, the bike man said that the woman dealt in palm oil and has been looking for her money.

 Ezeike said that he called her and she confirmed the money to be hers.

 "In less than 30minutes she, her husband, two of her neighbors, and two more people came.

So when I went there after much verification questions again as I did on phone earlier, her answers were very accurate on how the money was kept and set by denominations, I handed the money over to her, she busted in tears and gave me 5k but I said no, do not worry.

 She gave me the whole money and said, "take how much you think that is good"...... I said to her, please ma I do not need any reward, what I did is for God.

 She started shouting and singing and her shouting started attracting passers-by, I left," Ezeike narrated.