Love your wife as you love yourself. If you will learn to love yourself by nurturing it with good virtues, such as patience, truthfulness, kindness, compassion, understanding, faithfulness, and self-control, you will not find it hard to also love your wife.

 This is because you will do to your wife what you will want to do to yourself.

You will want your wife to experience the joy of loving and being loved.

You will want to avoid hurting your wife as you hurt yourself. And this is how the two of you will cherish your marriage together for life and even forever.

 1. Apologize sincerely Tell her how sorry you are.

 Show that you are sincere and you consider your mistake as a serious thing.

Making fun of your mistake or her feeling, and taking it lightly will only aggravate your wife’s hatred toward you.

 Thus, don’t stop apologizing and be consistent with your sincerity.

 2. Make her feel how much you love her Women can be jealous and insecure.

 They may also feel vulnerable.

Those feelings can make them sad, exhausted, and resentful.

 If you want to make your wife happy and forgive you, show that you are faithful to her.

 Give her confidence that she’s the only one.

And most importantly, love her truly.

 Love your wife by listening to her, providing her needs, and following her wants, especially if they will make your marriage happier, healthier, and last longer.

 3. Be responsible Be a responsible husband by giving your wife her needs, such as money, care, love, affection, trust, and understanding.

 Be a responsible father to your kids by being a role model and working harder to build a brighter future for them.

 4. Show her that you are working harder to be a better man Perhaps she is angry because she is already tired of you.

 Her patience is already falling short because you don’t change for the better.

Make your wife happy again by showing her that you are doing your best to be a better person.

 Give her hope by starting to break your bad habits.

 It doesn’t need to be instant. But at least show her that you are progressing and moving forward.

  4. Give her all your money Surrendering all your hard-earned income and money makes your wife happy for many reasons.

 One reason is that it shows that you trust her.

 Another reason is that it gives her the assurance that you are only spending your money on her and your children, not on other women and other things beyond her knowledge.

 5. Guarantee her that you won’t do the same mistake again If she is angry because you have made a big decision without her consent, give her an assurance that it will never happen again.

 Give her confidence by becoming more open to your wife.

 Share your plans to her and ask her consent when you make decisions, whether they are big or small.

 6. Woo her again and again If your wife is mad because you have broken her heart, let her broken heart heal and make it cheerful again by wooing her.

 Give her flowers, gift her a piece of jewelry, send her a love letter, treat her to a romantic dinner, or just cook her favorite meal.

 Do everything to win her heart again just like what you did when she first fell in love with you.

 7. Tell her how beautiful she is We will not marry our own wife if we were not struck by their charm and beauty.

 Always remind your wife how beautiful she is.

 Always remind her how perfect that part of her body that attracts you most.

And of course, do not look at other women like a hungry wolf.

Keep your eyes only at your lovely wife.

  8. Be humble and admit your own mistakes Don’t blame your wife for your own mistakes.

And don’t do foolish things to make her feel guilty just to put the blame on her.

Be a real man by admitting your own mistakes.

 Be humble and apologize sincerely.

 If you will show humility, your wife will experience felicity.

 9. Make her feel loved.

 The worst thing you can do when she’s mad at you, is to try and win the stand-off by outlasting her anger and emotional distance.

 Show that you are able to get past your anger and work on being a couple.

Give her sweet gestures and talk sweet to her, instead of arguing over the matter.

A girl needs to know she’s loved and appreciated even in the middle of arguments.

 Show her respect, understanding, truly listen to her and acknowledge her emotions, rather than fighting back at her.

10. Keep aside your ego and talk to her.

 One of the biggest problems in every relationship is Ego.

 Imagine yourself arguing with her about who’s right or wrong.

Well, even if you’ve done nothing wrong, you’ve made matters worse simply by arguing with her. Instead, be humble and overcome your pride, take the first step to apologize and talk to her.

You’ll make her smile by merely giving in to her when problems and arguments arise.

 Do not give up quickly.

 Sometimes the resentment of a girl is so strong that from the first and second time she cannot forgive you.

 If this person really matters to you, try again and again.

 Sometimes she may need time to calm down, so let her alone for a couple of days and then go on trying.

 Remember, all girls like romantic actions.

 Girls appreciate emotions and sincerity.

 So love and respect your dearest and ever hurt her again.

 Then ask to forgive you.

Be sincere; let your feelings speak instead of you.

Tell her that the most important thing is that you have already realized your mistake; therefore you are ready not to commit it anymore.

 Mention how much your relationship means to you.