Nigerian crossdresser Bobrisky has written an open letter to single mother begging him for money.

The male barbie took to his official Instagram page to air his opinion about these women.

Bobrisky told ladies to be careful of the kind of man they open their legs for.

 According to him, there are a lot of single mothers in his direct messenger begging him for money.

The controversial socialite noted that many men are useless and they just want to use and dump women.

 He stated that when a man is trying to get the attention of a lady, his phones are always open but the moment he gets what he wants, he becomes very busy.

  Bobrisky explained that despite different advices, many ladies would still not listen.

He stated that it is not every man that comes a woman's way that they should open their legs for.

"Some men are useless! I repeat some of them are useless.

 After impregnating you they will get busy," he said.

 He said that his DM is filled up with single mothers sending their baby photos to ask for help.

Bobrisky urged women to always protect themselves when sleeping with a man.

 He advised women not to bring an innocent child into the world to suffer.

 Earlier reported that Bobrisky mocked people who insulted him when he was hustling.

 The controversial effeminate celebrity took to his Instagram page to mock the people who often trolled when he was still hustling for his future.

 According to him, even if the lockdown was extended for a whole year, he would still live comfortably.

 However, this would not be the case for the trolls who mocked him as they would suffer.

  He further revealed that even though many people are asking him to do giveaways like other celebrities, he only planned on giving money to his true fans.

 The crossdresser who shot the video in his walk-in closet made sure to flaunt himself and how well he looked, proving to his fans that he is indeed balling.