5 Things You Must Consider Before Choosing A Life Partner.

 Going into serious relationship with serious commitment, you have to consider a lot of things about your spouse, we are talking about your happiness and future here, you don’t need to make anyhow decisions. You have to understand accepting their proposal can lead to your unhappiness in marriage, think about everything before accepting.
Everyone desire a Lovely and understanding partner who will appreciate every effort displaced in their relationship.

Nobody want heartbreak when loving that particular person who make you to do good and bad things, when you see him, you find yourself melting and unable to control yourself.

We want to experience true love, We have been hearing about it and each time we think someone gonna give us that true love , they end up hurting us.

Many times; you are tired of the word called LOVE but you find yourself falling in love with another person.

Dear; Remember not all relationship will lead to marriage, don’t give up on word called LOVE but give up on those who hurts you not love, remember not love that hurt you, its human being so stop saying I have giving up on love.

Learn from your mistakes and amend things in your life, sometimes we get dump because of our bad attitudes, check yourself if you’re the cause of your problem and amend it.

True love come from God, you need God to be able to experience true love.

 You’re seeking for true love and you keep saying I don’t believe in love again, don’t you know there’s power in a spoken word, stop saying I don’t believe in love or true love don’t exist again.
You need to believe on something before you can have it.
 In this life,You can be happy if you really want to be happy all depend on you. 
Take any decision that will make you happy, dear true love still exist but Satan is the one frustrating us, stop dancing to tone of Satan, start obeying God and you’ll definitely taste true love.

Is he/she a born again christian?
Are the things of God so paramount in his/her heart?
Is there fear and love of God in his/ her heart?
If he/she does not love God, such person cannot love you because God is love.

Sisters, it is the fear of God that keeps a mate faithful. Beauty will not, s e x will not, Beauty or s e x cannot guarantee faithfulness.

Your beauty does not make another woman ugly neither do your so called bed styles makes another woman stylishness.

Same goes to the men, your appearance, accent and so on may get her attention; but only God in you will get her heart for you ( As long as you’re and she is His child ) Your ” nice up ” won’t make another man ” nice down “. God is the real deal believe it or not.
You need to know something about this person, that is why friendship is important because it is when you’re friends that you can know some things about him/ her.

Check out for the level of maturity, how does he/she respond to quarrel, his/her relationship with the parent and others, intellectual compatibility, how does he/she handle finances.

If you are a spender, then he/she must be a planner. Make sure you both do not have the same weakness, he/she should be able to make up for your weakness.
Is he/she the type that don’t get in touch with you well? What is his/her opinion about communication? Is he/she comfortable around you to discuss his/her fears, worries, past and future ambitions. Listen, communication is an important ingredient in any relationship that needs to be taken so serious.

You need to be in love, I really mean you have to be in love genuinely, not compelled or coarse into loving the person but a real love.

 Do not accept a proposal out of pity, don’t beg to be in a relationship because if you beg him/her in, you will have to beg him/her to stay with you forever.

Love is not a maybe thing, you know it if you’re in love.

Do you love this person well, look into the nearest 10/15 years if Christ tarry, will you still be loving this same person like now?

Are you loving out of desperation?
Don’t go into relationship desperate, take time to grow in love, do not be in a hurry.

Once you fall in love there is no way you can fall out of love because it will stay in your mind, heart and soul for the rest of your life, so think well before you say or stay in love.

There is more to love than the feeling, it is a decision. A decision to be with that person good or bad and for the rest of your life.
You must understand that relationship is not only about receiving, it is also about giving.

Ladies, what do you have to offer the man, it not your beauty that will pour into your children, it is what you have inside, when you have something to offer, to make a difference in the man’s life, then, he is actually favored from the Lord.

Men, are you man enough? I’m talking about maturity now not your six packs chest, can you handle her past?
A true relationship is having someone who accepts your past, supports your present, loves you and encourages your future.

 Are you ready for the responsibilities ahead? ( Not only financially )
Marriage is not a competition, take your time, be in love, groom your relationship, nurse your ambitions, because forever is pretty too long to be unhappy.