We think its time the Nigeria Police Force as a whole should come to Lagos and understudy the Lagos RRS team and use it as a model to train the Police folks on how to relate with people.

With the leader at the helms of affairs, Mr. Tunji Disu (aka Omo Iya Eleja) being a lively, easygoing social media savvy leader who reads, replies and monitors all comments about his team in the social media, he has tried to make sure that the RRS folks are good ambassadors and has he called them, "The Good Guys".

Part of the training given to them is that one of the team must know how to fix a car either the battery, tyre and render an emergency service before the arrival of a mechanic.

They were also trained on how to speak politely to members of the public and attend to issues with wisdom without using force.

The RRS team pulled another feat yesterday when they assisted a driver who drives a trailer.

The trailer was said to have stopped working hereby causing a serious traffic jam, the RRS got to the scene and they help in fixing his truck.

It was discovered that the battery was faulty, so they took their battery from their car to jump start the truck. This happens within the Ketu-Ojota axis.

One thing which is worthy of note is that they don't take or accept money (this is base on what people say, Amen!), all you need to say is thank you!

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