Oyemykke who reacted to Daddy Showkey's video about Naira Marley, went off on a rant about the singer being a fraudster yet he is squatting with a friend in Lagos.

Recall we reported earlier that Daddy Showkey cursed the Nigerian government, who according to him handled the incident like the rapper was a threat to the society.

According to the veteran singer, we've bigger threats to the society but yet nothing is done to them.

He further added that we've all done things in the past we are not proud of, and Naira Marley is a growing young man who might eventually correct his mistakes.

Backing Daddy Showkey in his statement, Oyemykke who went off on a rant took a swipe at those who say Naira Marley is a fraudster even though he is squatting with a friend, has no car and living off what he makes from music.